SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

Joachim en Estonie

joachim natif de Saint Julien chapteuil est parti en service volontaire européen en Estonie pour 8 mois.

projet :

Tallinn Support Center Juks unites 3 centres in Tallinn- Development Center, Work Center, 24h Day Care Center. Volunteer will mainly work in the Development Center. Volunteer will work as an assistant for the staff in the centre, helping in different activities. With time and some experience she/he will gain also more responsibilities and according to her/his own interests and skills can propose and initiate also new activities for the target group.


The Development center prepares disabled people for integration into the society and gives the social and labor skills to support that integration. The main activities for the volunteer would be

  • instruct clients in their afternoon duties (going to the shop, cleaning and cooking)
  • helping clients spend their free time (play games, go for a walk, chatting ect)
  • assisting on study visits (museums, art galleries, forest ect.)

  • preparing classes (previous volunteers have decided to give English lessons), having presentations
  • helping teachers during the classes if needed (we have different art workshops (design and art, glass, painting and ceramics, porcelain painting, textile), independence studies, home economics and socialization, work placement and career development, drama, rhythmics, music, music therapy, occupational therapy)
  • Support clients on job shadowing or working practice.


Besides working in the Development Center, it is possible for the volunteer to visit the 24h Day Care Center and Work Centre.



  • Initiates and runs different individual projects according to the volunteer´s interests and abilities within the hosting organisation framework.
  • Introducing her country and its culture by organising a cultural event.
  • Make the best use of all opportunities to extend intercultural work in the hosting organisation
  • Participate in coordinating organisations wider work to develop awareness about EVS and the Erasmus+ programme in general and other activities related to their interested.
  • Be active and committed to the personal development and training opportunities offered through the project, both locally and through the National Agency.
  • Prepares and carries out with the help of the Sending, Host and Coordinating organisation useful follow-up activities in the end of the Activity, aiming to promote and disseminate the results of the project
  • Respects and works on the project. Understands and supports the organisation’s procedures and this Activity Agreement.
  • Before the project, the volunteer creates and sends a self-presentation for the Host organisation. In the end of the project writes an article or other type of presentation about her EVS experience.

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