SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

mon projet SVE en Bosnie Herzegovine

In terms of learning opportunities, the volunteers will have a chance to benefit from the following:

- work in an local and friendly environment, learn about the recent history of the Balkans region, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, learn the Bosnian language, tradition and culture of the country, become familiar with the reality and problems of the post-conflict society. Volunteer will have good chance to learn about him/herself- and learn how to handle with different target gropus in the daily life. It will be a great challenge as well as very interesting for young person to meet and work together face to face with people  of other backgrounds and other expirineces. Volunteers would take part in the many different tasts in the whole NGO and chooce areas of activities according to his/her own interests: office work, social care, creative workshops for women, children and elderly, organisation of events, kitschen work, personal tasks, lanugage trainig courses, etc.  Volunteers will be laso able to learn about other NGO’s in the area and their work. We offer the following tasks within three different projects by a staff of 15 persons , first  within the “Mother & child Center” than project “Social services for the elderly”, and Children's Group "Buterflies" . At first in both projects, volunteers will be introduced with the main phylosophy of the NGO, rules and principles. Volunteers will be taught how to work with target group what she/he has chosen, how to organize their sphare time, activities and so on. The staff together with the volunteer will build a team that will plan, lead and carry out the different acivities. With the many different tasks available, there will be great flexibility to try different areas during the volunteer time and switsch responsibilities. But the volunteers will have certain responsibilities and areas during certain time.  To volunteers will be given a unique opportunity while they are participating in planned activities. Namely, volunteers will be exposed to a new culture while working directly with elderly, children, women, families and our team of professionals. Socially, this is a significant and valuable experience as volunteers learn to work and socialize cross-culturally. Volunteers will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of engaging in dialogue around sensitive issues such as war, conflict, discrimination, racism, poverty and other taboo topics, as well as themes such as European awareness. Volunteers will also be exposed to methods and practices of interventions around post-conflict issues in transitioning society. It is expected that individuals will come away from this experience with a greater understanding of these types of interventions and how they can be successfully implemented, how to sensitively communicate cross-culturally, and they will inevitably learn something about themselves in this process.

Concerning this, volunteers will have a chance to increase their key competences described in Youthpass such as: communication in foreign languages, social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and cultural awareness and expression.

   The volunteer can especially be active in organising leisure-time-activities and in the personal welfare:

  • encouragement of contacts of the residents, personal conversations and visits
  • assistance in regular programs (e.g. memory training, senior daily club, yoga, gymnastics)
  • assistance in the organisation of excursions and other events
  • getting to know the clients in their life: it means build relationship, have conversations, find out the personal history
  • Leisure activities (handicraft work, games, excursions, walks, singing, dancing, and other things according to own ideas and talents),
  • organising several outdoor activities, eg. local attractions, attend performances


The volunteer will never work alone, and the volunteer will have a support from a team leader, program coordinator and director.

In the case when the volunteer work at the weekend, she will have the day off.


Depending on the interests and talents, the volunteer can make his own programs for the elderly people, like e.g. creative programs, organisation of cultural programs (like cinema, or theatre), festivities, parties, etc, and also for the local women and children: aerobic, dancing courses, yoga, healthy living, etc. .

We believe, that volunteer joining these tasks will get into a good contact with our target groups. We will offer professional support by the staff of Fenix and encourage volunteer to develop own ideas and small projects.




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