SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

Presentation / 1st camp

Hi ! I'm Simon, I come from France.


For my EVS I am in Iceland with the association SEEDS (SEE beyonD borderS). This association organises camps with participants from all around the world. There are different types of camps: work-camps, Environmental-camps and photo-camps. My role as EVS is to be a leader and the Environmental messenger for some of those camps.

As the participants come from all around the world, we all have to speak English. This is why I write the article in English.


My first camp was a work camp in a farm in the South of Iceland, near Vik. We were 5 in total for voluntary work at the farm: one from China, one from Italy, one from Germany, one from France and myself, from France too.

We had different tasks at the farm: cleaning the farm and the farmers’ guesthouse, feeding cows, picking rocks off a field to prepare it for the new season, build the greenhouses in the carrot field.



Of course we also had days off to enjoy being in Iceland!



My next camp will be in Reykjavik – the capital city of Iceland – about the Environment: global and local.


See you!

Simon, in Iceland



after helping giving birth to a cow

cleaning cow boxes

preparing the greenhouses for the carrot field


enjoying a natural hot pool

enjoying Iceland wonderful landscapes!

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