SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire




The role of the EVS volunteer is undoubtedly considered by  the association a surplus value for all the parts involved in the project as well as an  intercultural enrichment that can improve the quality of our guests’ social life.

The volunteer is an active interlocutor for the operators and for the hosts who can experience at first hand and  develop their knowledge about different countries and cultures. The volunteer has the chance to organize new projects and activities with the hosts and to promote the intercultural learning (that is an object foreseen by the EVS program, as well).

We would be happy to offer to the volunteer the opportunity to know and experience a different culture and  to give  him/her the chance to achieve cultural, linguistic and personal growth through specific tasks inside the center and through general experiences acquired during his/her service.

We give to the volunteer the possibility to be involved in all these activities. At the beginning of the service, the volunteer will work under the supervision of the operators but later the volunteer will be also welcome to organize new activities autonomously.

The association “Insieme si può - ONLUS” runs a house hosting a  community of disabled people (18 persons with psycho disease) with social-reeducating-rehabilitating purposes and an apartment of 4 people living together in order to experience the daily life and to gain personal independence. Professional operators and national volunteers work in the community in order to help the guests in the rehabilitation and in using strategies for social interaction.The aim is to make the guests achieve independence in daily life and to support the guests’ families.


The daily center is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM  to 4:30 PM, while the residential center gives  assistance  24 /24 hours all year.


In the daily center the hosts can do different activities which give them the possibility to improve their capacity, through the maintenance and consolidation of the autonomy and self personal care, and through the attention for own environment and for the social relationships.


In the residential center, beyond the activities and therapies run in the daily center, we manage all the aspects connected with the hosts’ hospitality, included the recreational activities during the weekend.


The volunteers will be encouraged to integrate himself/herself in the local community, to meet other person and to be involved in the local activities.




Volunteer will be mainly involved in these activities:


  • Activities connected with the development of the individual autonomy ( the aim of all the centers’ activities is to improve and develop the autonomy of our hosts, with regard to the autonomy in using the transports, in the domestic activities, in using  money, in the interpersonal relations, in the auto-determination in general) ;


  • Activities linked to the personal care of the hosts (tooth brushing after the meal, having a shower after the sport activities, etc.) ;


  • Activities connected to stimulation of physical capacities (hippo therapy, swimming, psychomotor activities, manual laboratories: felt, art, mosaic, woodwork) and linguistic capacities (through the use of laboratories: orthographic laboratory to develop the linguistics skills and laboratory of foreign languages to further and improve the knowledge and the integration with other cultures) ;


  • Activities connected with the “eye-watching” during the hosts’ breaks (promoting recreational activities and personal relationships throughout the daily breaks) ;


  • Activities related to the house setting and with the planning of the daily timetable (volunteers will be involved in the staff meetings for the planning of the week activities and in the organization of the common space to be used with the hosts) ;


  • Activities connected with the social activities run inside and outside the center (participating in the public meetings during exhibitions; participating in stage shows, going out for movies or music concerts, trips to touristic places, etc.);


  • Activity connected with theatre and cultural laboratories (after an educative and formative path, in the occasion of specific holidays the association organizes theatre and music shows in which it is welcome the active participation of the volunteers).

When having group activities, the 2 volunteers plan their tasks with the staff of the project.

Each volunteer takes over different tasks and comply them with the overall supervision of the operators.

Some activities can be done by both volunteers, when an extra support is needed and/or when all the hosts are together and only one working group is run.


Moreover we are open to the promotion of new activities and new projects connected to the volunteer’s personal experience


In the framework of the evs project "Volunteering as a chance for growing", volunteers hosted at INSIEME SI PUO’, will be encouraged to promote and to implement new volunteering activities.

 The host organization as well will create new volunteering opportunities for evs volunteer.


The host organization as well will create new volunteering opportunities for EVS volunteers.


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