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SVE - L'Europe au pied de la Haute-Loire

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I am Simon, I was EVS in Iceland during summer 2017 (from April to August). My mission with the organization SEEDS Iceland was to be workcamp leader. I have participated to seven camps, all related to the Environment or Nature. Here are the main activities and the location of these camps:

  • Helping in a family farm in Vik
  • Environmentally Aware in Reykjavik
  • Beautifying the surroundings of a farm in Djupivogur
  • Building a hiking trail in Holmavik
  • Revegetation in the Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Gardening in Reykjavik
  • Repairing a hiking trail in the Eskifjordur

For each camp, I was responsible for a group of 2 to 7 participants. I had to work with them, to make sure that everything was fine for them (the accommodation, the food, at work, etc…). Most of the time there was no problem, but I had to deal with issues in some camps (a participant was not feeling good during the camp, accommodation in another camp was not good, work was too physical for one participant…). Unfortunately, I could not fix the weather that was not good in the beginning…

The camps were amazing and it was a good occasion to travel all around Iceland and discover its culture! During this EVS I met many people from all around the world and we had great cultural exchanges. 

To conclude, I would like to say that this EVS was a very good project to discover a country and a culture, but also to improve my leadership, to take important responsibilities. Now I have to get back in France to finish my studies (this EVS was during my gap year). This project opened my mind and I will try to keep this spirit in my future life.

I am very pleased of this EVS project with SEEDS.



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